About Sam

Sam Stiglitz is an acting and audition coach living in Los Angeles, CA. A conservatory trained actor herself, she takes pride in helping actors create their finest auditions. As a casting director, Sam worked for some of the top offices in Los Angeles, casting such shows as Burn Notice, Graceland, Pretty Little Liars, School of Rock, Body of Proof, as well as numerous feature films. Sam also co-created and helped produce the podcast, “The Viall Files” which was named one of iTunes top podcasts of 2019. Over the years, Sam has been lucky enough to travel the world teaching audition technique classes. Sam has seen thousands of auditions and knows what makes an audition stand out. She loves helping actors set themselves apart to land a role. As a coach, Sam works with top film, TV, and music stars, world class athletes, and social media influencers, among others. Her gift is finding the unique and specific side of the individual, and helping to craft a one-of-a-kind audition. Sam believes that no two actors work the same way, and helps her clients to create their own process that will carry them from the first audition to the first take.