Removing the fear

Actors are amazing and brave. Putting yourself out there for others to see, with only yourself as the product is more than I could handle! But you do it, day after day.

Even the most seasoned of actors have audition fear. The question is: how do you manage the fear and USE it to your advantage?

I believe everything you need is on the page. Going into an audition as prepared as possible will remove some of the guess work. Become the most informed actor who walks in the room.

Moment before - what is your character thinking/doing/eating RIGHT before the scene starts. Have that in your mind as you walk in. Focus on your moment before while you are in the waiting room.

Who/what/where - By that I mean, who wrote this? Who's producing? Is the script available? If not, what is the studio? Network? Production company? All the information you will need is most likely at yur fingertips. Has the writer written anything else? WATCH IT. What is the director's background? FIND OUT. Be the smartest person that walks in the room on any given day.

Know your lines! Somewhere along the line, actors heard a rumor that they should not be completely off book. WHAT??! Know lines front and back and THEN hold your sides in case you drop a line. Casting will frame you so the sides are not shown but have them as a safety net.

Rehearse but still be maliable. Practice often makes permananet so be sure that your strong choices can also be molded a bit with notes. No one wants to send a one-trick-pony off to set!

Remember - you are auditioning with real people! Talk to them! I understand that it can be intimidating but walk in the room and be yourself! Nothing is more unique that you! That way, casting will fall in love with you and be even FURTHER impressed by your talent.

Manners - even if it doesnt go your way - there will be others. Thanks! Goes way further than "oh god, I really blew it"

Remember - this is not the last audition you'll ever go on. Casting does not carry a big black book Xing off names we don't like. We understand bad days, off days. So go in and out with grace and humor and remeber EVERYONE (you included) is human.

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