The Details

Typically, on any given day, casting will more than a few actors. From an outside perspective it may seem that we are waiting for that one great audition to come along and from a simple standpoint, Yes we are. But it's a bit trickier. All day, we watch good auditions. Some great! But a lot of what we see (good enough) will not book the job. What is the secret sauce for the AMAZING audition?

One answer is specificity. Actors who are clear and decisive in their choices make for incredibly interesting & dynamic auditions. Where we know where they have come from before, the varied moments in the scene & where they are going after. Each line, each thought, each beat is beautifully thought out & then performed effortlessly. In a great audition we see thought process ( as in real life) and are taken on a journey.

Additionally, physicality is specific and detailed. These auditions are thought out, movements are not careless and use of props not arbitrary. Every movement serves a purpose and is executed authentically.

These actors will build out the room & the space, making it come to life. If there are more than 2 people in the scene, we will know exactly where everyone is, experience a real moment.

Stand out auditions are unexpected and feel totally authentic. Remember, all actors coming in have the same material, the same resources - what you do to make it your own, is the most important!

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