The Waiting Room

The waiting room can be an incredibly intimidating place. Other actors, reading for the same role, all sitting together & waiting. Sometimes, the waiting (especially during pilot season) can be long. Very long. Instead of frustration, here are some ways to "work" the long wait to your advantage.

1) Stay in your moment before. Yes, it's tempting to chat with other actors about how frustrating pilot season is, or what you had for breakfast, but when your name is called you need to be ready! Focus on your moment before. What just happened? who are you talking to? Where are you? How do you feel about the situation.

2) Find a quiet place. No too far so that you can't hear your name being called, but far enough that you have time & peace to focus

3) BREATHE! Do not forget to breathe - a few deep breaths go a long way

4) DO NOT listen to what the other actors are doing in their auditions. Often you can hear through the walls. Other auditions can make you second guess your choices. Don't. All the work you have done, analyzing the script & making clear & specifc choices is your work. Do not let another auditions throw you.

5) Do not compare yourself to the other actors in the room (even if a few are recognizable). What is the unique quality you are bringing to the role? That's your angle!

6) Keep your energy up! Jump up and down before you go in!

Stay positive! This can be a hard time of year but focus on the good & not the bad. You HAVE an audition & there will be more - stay present & focused & you will succeed!

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