Why not me??

We've all had this experience:

When watching a TV show or a Movie we roll our eyes at an actor and ask "How in the world did THEY get this part?" From an actor's perspective I'm sure you're also thinking "I could do it way better" or if you originally auditioned for the part: "I did do it way better!"

Everyone watches with this critical eye. But the answer to "how" is not a simple one. To land a role on a TV show or in a movie as a non-star is a long and difficult process with many sets of eyes.

An actor must jump through an impossible number of hoops, competing with other actors for only 1 slot.

First an actor may pre read: an audition just for the casting directors. They then may pass along to a producer's session: the same audition but in a room with the producers & directors. If that goes well, there may be a callback session. If THAT goes well - studio testing, then finally network testing (if TV) or a screen test with filmakers & studio execs (if film).

All the while, the material may never change and it's on YOU to make new & interesting discoveries, keep the material fresh & exciting every time.

The other way actors get roles are straight offers. The producers & studio/network decide someone is perfect (and most likely reognizable) and offer the role to them without a read.

I say all of this not to discourage, but to help you LET IT GO (like elsa)

In the first scenario - only ONE person is getting the job. It's an opportunity to read for some pretty phenomenal people and really hone in on your skills. Do the work, make interesting, unique choices that will grab attention & set you apart. And, if ultimately the role does not go to you - it's fine! Yes, dissapointing, but if you were good enough to make it to the final round, you'll be there again.

You never know what goes on behind closed doors, so remember, producer's could have ultimately decided they love you but needed to go in a TOTALLY different direction.

In the case of a straight offer - don't worry! When a role is offered to a star name, it didn't come down to you vs. Movie Star & you lost it by a hair. Nope! They needed star power. So breathe & focus on another role! Maybe you're right for a recurring on the show & can act opposite someone big!

Focus on you & not others & be kind to yourself and do your best work.

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