A Different Take

Casting will often see hundreds of actors for one role. A smart actor will go in prepared. However, with good writing, actors sometimes make very similar choices due to inherent script beats.

How do you set your audition apart? If you're the 100th person to walk in, the 100th person to have read the same material, what makes the producers really look up & pay attention?

I think it's important to find unexpected moments in a scene. A unique choice does not mean a broad or overly comedic/dramatic choice. Sometimes it's as easy as taking a thoughtful beat where there may not be one or a look to another character in the scene.

Spacework & a knowledge of who your peers (in the scene) is incredibly important to making good choices. Where are you? To whom are you talking? Where are they? Are other people around? How do you feel about these people?

The most dynamic and interesting auditions we see are complete. That is, the audition room is built out & full so everyone knows the players & the space.

Additinally, think about the project as a whole. I always think it's smart to think your character is the most important person in the project - be a 1 liner or a single lead series regular. This does not mean making dramatic entrances or a meal of your lines, however if you're the most important element in a scene it will help you convey your thoughts. Or, as is often the case with a 1-liner, get in & out efficiantly. You are important & have a job to do!

Find an unexpected moment to yourself. If it's a pop of comedy, great! If it's a longer pause or thought in a drama, great too! We love seeing an actor's wheels turn as if they are inventing the lines on the spot.

Remember, you want to create the most dynamic, multi dimensional character as possible. They need to live, breathe, speak & move in a manner that is both unique & comfortable in your body. Really think about that & make choices accordingly (but don't lock it, if you get a note you need to be able to take it in & make changes)!

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