Move your ass (meaningfully)

It's a (silly) joke in theatre school. The rules of acting:

Who am I talking to

What do I want

Where am I

What's in my way

What do I do when I get what I want

What are the surroundings


It's true. It's the actor's quandry - what to do with your hands. This is never more important than when working on a film or on TV. Also imperative in stage work however when taped, every small gesture can look exaggerated. An actor must learn to move meaningfully. Motions must have intention. It is so important to practice not only your dialogue with good work & intention, but to practice your movement. Gestures can appear false or unmotivated at times and take the audition out of a real place. Make sure your motions have purpose. This is not to say that you cannot gesticulate, just do as the character would.

Ask yourself questions about the character and his/her movement:

Are you a hand talker?

Do you sit, stand, both?

Do you have powerful motions?

Do you have quiet motions?

Tape yourself over & over to work out the motion bugs which will make you more comfortable in your skin.

I like to ask this question:

If someone was watching you without sound, would they know how you feel, what you're doing?

Action doesnt have to be exaggerated but they should tell a story. Think about your scene as a whole and present a dynamic, colorful final product.

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