Finding the positive

Positivity Oh boy, this is a hard one. You've entered a career where waiting is the job; waiting in the waiting room, waiting for an audition, waiting for an answer. And the truth is, actors rarely hear "no," that's an old rumor. Most of the time actors hear nothing at all. So, with all of the waiting & not hearing, how on earth do you stay upbeat and positive? Most actors act because they have to. There's an undeniable need to create art that won't be filled by any other job. I love that. Passion is key. However, with any intense love & passion, there is bound to be frustration & hurt.

How do you deal? Actors must learn to flip the script in their head (the head is a dangerous place). If you have too many auditions this time of year and are finding yourself overwhelmed, take charge of your feelings. You can pass on projects that don't feel right and you can remind yourself how lucky you are. Your job is currently auditioning and that is a truly fortunate thing. If you aren't getting in certain rooms (or any) view it as an opportunity to create your own content. Be as busy as possible. Take time and do a play or a student film, the goal is to act so do it. Honestly, when an actor walks in the room and immediately complains about the wait, or getting the sides late, or how many auditions he/she has today, it's puts casting & producers in a weird, uneasy place. Set yourself up correctly. Be gracious & happy & light. This is a trying time of year but we will remember you if your personality comes through. Maybe you don't book that series regular but producers will remember you if you're good & fun (we don't want to put a miserable person on set for 7 years). They may bring you back for another role - happens all the time. Today start an experiment. Every time you feel a complaint rising, find a positive spin on it and live there. Not only will you feel better but you will audition better.

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