I f&%#$d up!

Oh no. It's happened. The audition you rehearsed and worked on for days didn't go according to plan. Maybe you forgot a line and couldn't recover. Maybe you lost your way and got inside your head. Maybe the energy of the audition was overwhelming, and you went WAY over the top.

What do you do when you think you’ve blown your audition?

A few things to consider:

1) Yes. You messed up, but chances are it was barely noticeable.

2) No one noticed at all. Things are so much larger inside your head. Maybe casting really enjoyed it.

3) You really had a rotten audition.

Which category do you fit into? In the first scenario, you need to let go. The point of rehearsing and being off book is to prepare for all possible outcomes. A well prepared, well thought out audition will give you guideposts. If you lose your way, knowing where you are headed, will bring you back to the moment. Knowing how your character messes up will help with a minor stumble. If casting doesn't ask to see it again, consider it a good audition and go on about your day.

Scenario 2 is most likely! Sure, it didn't go as planned, but maybe because while it was perfect in your bedroom, the nerves drove it another direction. Here's the positive: we don't watch you rehearse! We have no idea what your intended scene was, only the only presented. Odds are we dug it! Relax.

In scenario 3, the worst happened. Your audition was all over the place with dropped lines, weird movement and disconnected thoughts. It happens. We are all human. Here's my suggestion: go home. Don't panic in the room and ask to do it again, claiming that it was better before in rehearsal. Put some air between you and the audition, and THEN if you still feel strongly, put it on tape. Have your reps call and explain and ask if they can submit a self-tape. It's clean and controlled and reads as professional, not needy.

Auditions are totally false and unpredictable, so give yourself a break. Auditions don’t always go according to plan, but the more you prepare and the cleaner your choices and technique, the more confidence you will gain in your auditioning.

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