What Now??

We made it. Pilot season is over. The overwhelming madness we all love to complain about is coming to a close.

So........what now??

Ahhh, the joy of the post-pilot season comedown (coined by my talent agent husband). The non-stop pace of pilot season abruptly ends, and life resumes it’s normal pace. The adjustment is real for all of us.

How do we deal with the post-pilot comedown??

First, I recommend taking a moment to stop and reflect on your pilot season accomplishments. You may not have booked a series regular role, but what

have you accomplished? Did you audition? Meet new producers? Make new connections?

Did you spend this season focusing on your craft? Did you take improv & acting classes?

Did you get new headshots or use the time to center yourself??

This "comedown" time of the year can really get you down. But it's time stay in the positive. No good ever came from "what if"? Take a moment and write down a few things you’re proud of from this season.

If you were fortunate enough to audition, think about the potential connections you made. I can't tell you how many times someone has come

In to read for me, and although they didn't get the role, producers and casting kept them in mind and used them down the road!

Episodic season is upon us. There is always something coming up, so set goals. What are your attainable goals for the year to come?

Maybe you just want to work. That's perfectly achievable. Put yourself

out there for all types of projects: web series, TV, film, short film, and make

It your goal to book one job this year.

Maybe you want to do theatre. I personally love actors who work in the theatre because if you can do 8 shows a week and find emotional inspiration every night, you will be dexterous enough to work in any medium. Shakespeare is a bonus! If you can convey emotion and intent to an audience in a "language" the audience does not understand, you can do anything.

Maybe you want to create your own content but have been holding

off - DO IT. First, creating puts you in the driver's seat. You will never relate to a character more than to the one you have created. Also, producers and casting love an active actor, an actor who is moving forward and creating their own opportunities.

Do not wallow in what didn't happen. Instead, focus on goals and possibility. Set a goal and work this year to attain it!

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