Be Present.

Auditions go by in a FLASH. You’re in the room, starting the scene, and then all of a sudden – it over?? What happened?

This is SO common. Often, actors either “black out” a bit during the audition or can end up in that floaty actor space, watching the audition but not quite present.

How do you stay present and connected throughout?? A few tips:


While you’re waiting for your audition LIVE in your moment before. Think about what’s happened right before you start the scene. Whom am I speaking with? What do I want from them?

Imagine yourself physically and emotionally in that first moment. Pick a song that matches the character’s mood. Breathe deeply and meditate on that first moment.


The goal is to anchor yourself in the scene, but it’s totally natural to fall out due to the false nature of auditions. People are watching you 3 feet away while on their phone and eating a sandwich. You can hear actors in the waiting room rehearsing. The reader might be bad.

When prepping the scene, really mark out CLEAR beats for yourself. Where do you start; where are you headed, and where are you going? Having clear beats and intentions will help you to re-ground yourself in the room. Sure, you got a bit lost, but you, know the intention of the next beat, so you can get right back into the scene.


Friendly! Happy! Gracious! (that’s a biggie). The entrance can be distracting for an actor. You get caught up either during introductions, or during the personal questions asked by the producers. YOU are in control of your auditions. It is 100% ok to ask, “May I take a moment before we start?” It’s a great thing to do. Then, breathe deeply and land back in that beautiful moment before. It will bring you back to earth before the audition.


You got a note, amazing! This can be a tricky moment for actors. You’ve beautifully prepared the scene but practice makes for permanence. This is another situation where you control the room. If you don’t clearly understand the note, put that note in your own words and ask the producers if you have understood what they have said, For example, ”So you’re saying I should really connect more?” Then, take a moment and let the note sit. It’s ok to take a beat and redirect yourself.

Everyone has off days, where they feel less connected to material, but try to ground yourself into the scene and you will feel more confident auditioning.

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