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It’s been an awful few days. When the world feels like an ugly place, it’s hard to keep going. Often we ask ourselves, “What am I doing to help?” Because as actors you feel like you’re not providing a direct solution, you get down on yourself and stop trying to make a difference.

In times like these, I think it’s important for you to remember your place in the world and how you help others. True, you’re not a first responder or a senator; you cannot effect direct change. However, art provides an incredibly important release from troubled times. People need entertainment.

Throughout history, people have always turned to entertainment to forget their troubles and lose themselves. The world wasn’t easy 100 years ago, and it’s troubled still. People love to lose themselves in a piece of theatre, film or television. Don’t forget – performance is a shared art form that doesn’t exist without both the performers and the audience.

Use this week to get out of your head. Take the importance off yourself and focus on others. How can you give back? Can you entertain? Great – do that. Remove the focus from the job you didn’t get, and go out and create something new this week. Feel good. Give back.

Don’t devalue your very important place in this world and the service you provide. Everyone plays a part and yours is important. Continue to work to better yourself and your craft so you can share it with others in the hardest of times.

Take care of yourself and others.

(And vote).

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