The Impression

Ideally, all that would matter in an audition would be your acting. Actually, in a perfect world, there would be NO auditioning at all! We can dream.

The reality is, while talent is paramount, there are other factors that weigh in the casting decision.

One important factor is the overall impression you give in the room. It’s important for actors to know that, in fact, you are a reflection of the casting director. When we bring you in, we are presenting our taste to the producers. We are even more responsible when an actor is on set.

The goal is to cast talented actors who are also lovely human beings and a joy to work with. A television series can go on for years, and the producers will have their hands full if an actor is not professional and at least somewhat pleasant.

How do we discern who passes this test? There are no hard and fast rules. However, we do take note of you – your personality, your energy, your attitude, in addition to your audition.

Your goal is to give a specific, fun, skillful audition while, at the same time, being pleasant. I know, it’s difficult. Auditioning is crazy. You have to jump from pleasant conversation to audition to pleasant conversation, sometimes without time to breathe.

I don’t mean to scare you. If you’re serious about your craft and don’t necessarily have the capacity to chit chat in the audition room, that’s fine. Some actors are method and come in in character. Some just aren’t chatty. Points will not be deducted for this. What I am talking about is actors who are entitled, or rude, or snippy, actors who show any bad attitude. Why would we send someone to set who seems unpleasant or mean? I’ve had countless actors give attitude: starting the audition with a complaint, bitching about the project. While my job is to send the producers the best auditions (and I do, without editing for personality), if I am asked my opinion about whether someone will be good on set, I will certainly be forthright.

Know yourself. If you will be thrown off by chit chat, then be polite and go straight into your audition. Either way, we will respect your professionalism and focus on your art.

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