Oh Wait! I Forgot....

Auditions are stressful. The unknown can be terrifying. You can plan & plan and then the audition is over in the blink of an eye. While the element of control is crucial in your actual audition, self-control is equally important when it comes to interactions with casting & producers.

While the audition itself should make the lasting impact, unfortunately, a messy interaction after the fact can erase your good work.

For example, in real life when someone says “Thank you,” we say, “you’re welcome.” However, in auditions, perhaps due to nerves, when casting/producers say “thank you,” actors can often respond with too many words. “No, thank you! Really, thanks!” Lovely, but this can appear as needy.

The idea is to appear calm and controlled. You have generously donated your time and art; the audition process is a shared experience that is equal parts actor and casting.

So, at the end of an audition, leave! Gracefully. You’ve had your chit-chat time beforehand; now is not the time to add 15 new thoughts:

“I can shave this beard”

“Here’s another headshot of me with longer hair”

“I really love this project. It’s my favorite”

“I can do better”

“I love this other project you’re working on”

“I’m willing to dye my hair”

“I’ve recently gained weight”

EEK!!! You always want to leave on a high note. Assume casting loved the audition (which if it was well prepared and thought out they did). THAT is the impression you should leave - not that of a scrambling actor who needs more time.

“But what if I did forget to tell them something?” No problem, that is why you have representation. Your agent can neatly send whatever you forgot. Additionally, if you felt your audition did not go according to plan, ask your reps to see if you can submit a self tape.

The goal is to enter and leave in a calm and controlled manner leaving casting with the memory of your work.

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