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Sam is the best kind of teacher - Someone who's actually been in the job.  She's not guessing, her advice comes from years working as a top casting director.  It's like getting lessons from a bank teller about how to rob a bank.

Topher Grace, That '70s Show, FOX, Home Economics, ABC

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There is no one like Sam. What makes her so unique is her expertise and experience in casting, her care for the individual actor and their method and her practicality and understanding of what actually matters! We actors can get caught up in the little things, small ways we move our bodies, the “clever” way we deliver a line, things that don’t actually matter. Sam is wonderful at redirecting you to the most spontaneous, idiosyncratic version of the scene and that’s where you strike gold. And even better, she doesn’t beat a scene to death. Once you’ve got it, you’ve got it! I couldn’t recommend working with Sam more.

Amber Stevens West, Run The World, 22 Jump Street


It's rare to find an acting coach who will also be your cheerleader.  Sam goes above and beyond to make her actors feel supported, safe, and heard.  It's special to know you have a coach that's truly in your corner.  Working with Sam, I always come out of a session feeling like a stronger and smarter actor. She challenges us to make different and smart choices, and helps get into the fine details when it comes to character work. With Sam, I know I'm always leaving feeling like I did my best work, and it's such a relief. I cannot recommend her enough. 

Janel Parrish, Pretty Little Liars, Freeform


Some of my best and funnest auditions have been when I was working with Samantha Stiglitz. She gives great notes and direction and I always look forward to reading with her. Her coaching is the same. Invaluable. I always feel ready and get great feedback after our sessions. Plus, her rates are grrrrreat! (Tony the Tiger, reference. Anyone get it? No? No one? OK.)
Anyway, thanks Sam

Jesse Garcia, Narcos, Netflix

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What I love most about Sam is she taught me how to have fun with acting. I’m able to make my characters more interesting, colorful and human. The best advice I ever received from her was to trust myself. Acting coaches had never told me that before and it completely changed the way I viewed my work. Sam showed me how to trust my choices… she loves her work and her actors. I will always be grateful to her for helping me become the actor I am today.

Paris Berelc, Alexa and Katie, Netflix


I absolutely LOVE working with Sam. She has amazing ideas and choices when it comes to the work! My favorite thing about Sam is that she tailors it to you. She works with your strengths and your personality so when your auditioning you feel extremely confident. 

You don’t have a mask between you and the character you’re not TRYING to be the character you ARE the character and that’s what you show them.  That’s Sam she teaches you to put your best foot forward.

Genesis Rodriguez, Umbrella Academy, Netfllix


I have been working with Sam for years now.  As someone who got a late start studying acting, I appreciate how Sam has helped be accelerate my abilities.  She does a fantastic job of giving me the confidence to use my strengths and personalty to help create the most interesting characters possible.  In addition to the dedication she has to making me a better actor, she is also a great resource for creative ideas and advice as it relates to the industry.  As long as I am acting I will be working with Sam!

Nick Viall, The Bachelor, ABC


I can easily say there is no one like Sam. You can see her passion for acting and for helping others in her work. In the people who trust her because we know with Sam, we are free to be whoever the hell we want and have a safe space to grow at our own pace in our art. I wouldn’t be where i am without sam. I look forward to every session with her because i know i’m going to come out of it an even stronger actor. Sam is simply, the best. 

Bryana Salaz, Team Kaylie, Netflix


Sam makes actors great. In a sea full of artists trying to stand out, that's an invaluable service. In our work she proved trustworthy, brilliant, hilarious and full of heartfelt kindness. When I create a great tape, my whole worth as an artist improves undeniably regardless of the final outcome. Don't waste time pilfering through phonies portraying themselves as quality acting coaches. Invest in the most important aspect of your job - the quality of your work - and give yourself the gift of Sam so you can go to set! Sam Stiglitz, more effective than a dermatologist and a tenth of the price.

Genevieve Angelson, Good Girls Revolt, Amazon

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Working with Sam has been one of the best experiences I've had with acting coaches, she listens, she gives really specific directions and that's what you want, specifically, it's practical but really complex, with layers, she's kind and delicate with how personal the work can get. Something that's amazing is that she approaches the work from a casting director perspective, she has that expertise alongside a great craft work. Highly recommend.

Elyfer Torres, Betty in NY, Telemundo


Sam has a way of getting to the deep questions about a character that I hadn’t thought of. She helps me find the ways into the scene that make it more compelling for me to play in, and for others to watch. And it is play with Sam! It’s challenging and fun as she encourages me to explore the character by exploring my authentic self in every moment.

Lyndie Greenwood, Sleepy Hollow, FOX


Sam is my go to anytime I have a self-tape!  Instead of stressing about them, I call her!  She gives insightful coaching and guidance in her collaborative approach that leaves me feeling confident about my choices and performance.  I highly recommend!

Brooklyn Sudano, Cruel Summer, Freeform


As an Actor, auditioning can be quite stressful. Sam always helps me get out of my own way, stop overthinking, and have fun! She really has an eye for what “matters” and what absolutely does NOT! 
Her adjustments have always been spot on and I always leave with the confidence and strong choices that really do make the difference in making great impressions in this highly competitive business.

Rose Rollins, The Catch, ABC


I love speaking to my clients after they have a session with Sam. She can take an approach that is tailormade to the individual, yet still energetic, fun and wholly productive. It’s apparent how much Sam loves actors and working with them to find their process – she meets them where they are and goes the extra step to help bring out their best performance and inspire inner confidence.

Jonathan Weinstein, Agent, UTA


Every client I send to Sam has the best experience with her. I can always trust her to prepare our talent for any casting office scenario. Her previous experience in casting really makes her stand out as a coach as she understands audition pitfalls and quirks to avoid when going on tape. My clients all love her personalized approach and she’s great at giving feedback to them in addition to providing us reps with info on how the client is making progress and what areas they need to continue to work on etc. 

Maxine Brabant, Agent CAA


Things instantly jump off the page when you read with Sam. Her perspective, expertise and dedication make any audition more accessible for an actor. She’s someone you can trust without any fear of judgement. I always feel like a superstar after working with her!

Gigi Gorgeous-Getty, Content Creator, Trans Activist


Auditioning with Sam Stiglitz is like doing a scene with a scene partner you have been working with for a week. Sam is just there with you in the moment. She is ready to play and give you space to make the choices you want to make. Sam is a unicorn in the casting world. She’s incredible to read with and makes you so comfortable that you are actually able to do your best. Auditioning can be so tough and it’s such a gift to feel so supported in the room. Actors are lucky to have Sam.

Jackie Tohn, GLOW, Netflix


Sam is the type of Casting Director an actor hopes is in the audition room when he walks in. She loves the work; she loves actors, but it's her ease in giving direction that is most impressive. She has the ability to pull the best out of a performer in a very short period of time. 

Luke Cook, Sabrina, Netflix


I’ll try and make this short and to the point, because I could talk about Sam extensively-it’s hard not to. I was referred by a friend to Sam for private sessions a few years ago. Thank you friend. There are so many elements that set her a part from the rest. She cares immensely for her students happiness and success. It shows in every curated step she takes, bringing life to words on pages. She shapes a unique learning process for each student. There is not a one size fits all method, with Sam. I love that about her. Her energy and enthusiasm for this art and the person in front of her, makes the rest flow so easy. I’ve learned tremendous amounts about myself as an actress and human while studying with Sam.

Sophia Esperanza, Model, Actor, Activist


There’s really no one quite like Sam. She has a way of bringing out the best in you for each role. She works with everybody differently, personalizing her lessons and approach to help bring YOUR voice to your characters. She’s helped me get out of my head during scenes, and to be fully present, AND she’s just a ton of fun to be around!

Tristan Tales, Actor, Content Creator


Sam is my favorite audition coach I've ever had the pleasure of working with. Sam's approach is incredibly unique in that she finds individual methods that work for each person. She understands that the actor needs to nail the audition and that's what she's here to teach you. Her feedback is invaluable as she's been a professional casting director for many years. She provides an environment that is warm and easy to become vulnerable in. 

Kelsey Darragh, Buzzfeed Host


Working Sam has given me self-confidence in so many areas. She has allowed me to tap into different areas of my talent that I didn’t even know I had access to.  I went into my first session with Sam feeling very fearful of looking bad or not doing well— specifically as a queer actor it was really hard for me to feel comfortable— but Sam’s ability to understand and help you through the fog of your own mind is unsurpassable. Sam’s gentle and informative feedback allows you to drop any sort of ego and JUST HAVE FUN with the work. With Sam, actors are able to find their own voice, learn how to make decisions creatively, and find the confidence to be the actor you’ve always wanted to be.

Curly Velazquez - Queer Writer, Actor, Personality


Sam's instincts with actors are always on point. She knows what she is doing and has the passion and strengths to back it up. Working with her is productive and always a pleasure.

Adrien Pellereau, Partner, Artists & Representatives 


The Actors that come from  working with Sam are some of my favorites to shoot.  So many  artists struggle with the visual aspect of their branding but Sam’s people just get it.  They show up  confident ,  articulate, and know exactly what they’re trying to achieve- and that shows up in every shot.   Sam’s deep understanding of the artistic process combined with a first hand knowledge of the business is such an asset to any actor looking to level-up their game.

Matt Kallish, Headshot Photographer


Sam takes a personalized, modern, grounded approach with all her actors. Focused on working with one’s authentic self, Sam takes the time to truly understand her actors inside and out to best prepare them for achieving their goals. She is one of a few select coaches that we turn to and trust when our clients need help in preparation for auditions and beyond.

Matthew Martin, Manager, Scale

Acting and audition coaches

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